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Help Someoneat Risk for Suicide

For Immediate Help

For immediate suicide prevention help and assistance, call 1-866-449-8518 (Townhall II Helpline) or 1-877-796-3555 (Coleman).

Help Someone at Risk for Suicide

Nationally, populations with high suicide rates include: white males over 75, Native Americans, police, firefighters and teens. A person attempting suicide may try an average of seven times before completing suicide. YOU CAN INTERVENE.

What you can do to help a depressed or suicidal person

Listen carefully. Show your concern.
Allow him or her to express feelings.
 Don’t judge or tell the person how she or he should be feeling.

Don’t be afraid to talk about suicide.
Ask directly if he or she is considering suicide. 
Ask concerned questions.
 Express your own concerns in a nonjudgmental manner.

Remember this when helping someone in crisis:
Don’t try to handle it alone. 
Don’t swear yourself to secrecy. 
Don’t ignore the situation, hoping things will improve. 
Don’t leave the person alone.
 Don’t minimize suicidal feelings.

Get help:
Arrange for the person to get professional help quickly.
 If she or he refuses, get help anyway.