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Help for SurvivorsSuicide Help & Prevention

Help for grief after a loss from suicide

Every 17 minutes someone in American completes suicide, often leaving loved ones to cope with terrific loss and unanswered questions.

What You Can Do:

LEARN about the different types of depression. Depression often masquerades as anger and irritability.

LEARN about the ways depression can be successfully treated.

TALK to someone who understands.
ALLOW yourself time to grieve and heal, in your own way.

LEARN to know the warning signs in yourself.

LEARN how to practice good self-care.

Survivors of Suicide Support Group

The Mental Health & Recovery Board of Portage County and the Portage County Suicide Prevention Coalition offer a free monthly Suicide Survivor Support Group.

The survivors of suicide support group is open to families and others who have lost loved ones through suicide. The term “survivor” refers to those close to the person who has completed suicide.

Dr. Joel Mowrey, a psychologist and MRHB executive director, and Iris Llewellyn Angle of Aurora, parent who is a survivor, co-facilitate the group. The group shares information and provides a place where members can talk about their experiences. The group welcomes new members at any time (See Sidebar).

Learn More About Suicide Prevention

Portage County Suicide Prevention Coalition
In Portage County, a community coalition was established in 2003 to create and maintain an educational program to increase awareness of preventing suicides. The program received its initial funding through a grant from the Ohio Department of Mental Health.

The Coalition’s mission is to offer training and provide education and prevention tools to schools and people of all ages in Portage County. The Coalition also works to reduce the stigma of suicide and depression by providing presentations to local groups.

The Coalition encourages reaching out to those who are vulnerable
Often people are afraid to approach a person who seems depressed. Individuals in “gatekeeper” jobs–people who are in contact with the public–are often afraid they will be doing more harm than good if they talk openly about suicide. It is a myth that talking to someone about his or her thoughts about completing suicide will make it happen.

However, gatekeepers are in a good position to spot individuals who might be at risk. Gatekeepers include: family members, teachers, counselors, law enforcement, juvenile justice, hair stylists, barbers, primary care physicians, nurses, social workers, school personnel and faith community members.

The Suicide Prevention Coalition of Portage County
Members from the following agencies, institutions and community groups:

Townhall II
Portage County Coroner’s Office
Mental Health & Recovery Board of Portage County
National Alliance on Mental Illness Portage County
Children’s Advantage
Coleman Professional Services
Family & Community Services, Inc.
Kent Police Department
Kent City Schools
Ravenna Police Department
Robinson Memorial Hospital
Portage Co. Board of Developmental Disabilities
Portage County Sheriff’s Department
Portage County Department of Job & Family Services
Hiram College Health, Counseling & Disablities Office
KSU Health Services
KSU School of Nursing
KSU Counseling Center
KSU Adult Counseling, Health & Vocational Education Dept.
Portage County Juvenile Court
Survivors of Suicide
KSU Counseling & Human Development Center

How to contact the Portage County Suicide Prevention Coalition

To become a member of the Portage County Suicide Prevention Coalition or to schedule a speaker or free training session:

Call the Mental Health & Recovery Board of Portage County, 330-673-1756 or contact us.