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About Us

Our Mission, Values and Role as a Funding Agency

The mission of the Mental Health & Recovery Board of Portage County is to develop, manage and sustain a community-driven system of behavioral health treatment, prevention and recovery services.

The values that guide the MHRB:

  • Break down stigma to encourage people through education and community support to seek help with the awareness that behavioral health is a health issue

  • Support and advocate for people with mental health and alcohol and other drug problems to address unmet needs as they undergo treatment and work toward recovery

  • Ensure that services are easily accessible and provided in a coordinated and collaborative manner across Portage County

  • Operate as stewards of public funding to be responsive to community needs, encouraging the use of evidence-based practices that are both cost effective and clinically sound

  • Respect the rights and dignity of all people, treating everyone in a just and equal manner

  • Empower people to be productive members of the community

With one in four families experiencing either mental health or substance abuse problems in today’s world, it’s good to know that Portage County has quality, affordable services. The mental health and safety of children are a priority.


  • We fund counseling for children and adults who are victims of domestic violence and abuse.

  • Our commitment to healthy youth extends to providing funds for counselors who assist teachers and guidance counselors in all school systems.

  • We support a network that has services for young people in trouble with alcohol and drugs while also funding education to prevent addiction for hundreds of students each year.

  • We fund 24-hour emergency mental health and suicide prevention services.

  • Services are available for working men and women, older adults and veterans and their families through the support of the Mental Health & Recovery Board of Portage County.

  • We fund services to provide a mental health response when there are crisis and disaster situations in Portage communities.

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The duties of the Mental Health & Recovery Board of Portage County are set by the state of Ohio. One of 50 similar boards in the state, the Portage County MHRB has the responsibility for seeing that services and facilities are available locally for treatment of adults, teens and children with mental illness and addiction.

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