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Too Good for Drugs & Project Alert

The Mental Health & Recovery Board of Portage County funds prevention programs for the Portage County school districts. Classes are taught by Townhall II prevention specialists.

Too Good For Drugs

Too Good for Drugs is an evidence-based, skill building program promoting positive attitudes and behavior, while fostering healthy relationships, resistance to substance abuse and conflict, and resistance to negative peer pressure and influence.


Students develop skills in:

• Goal setting
• Decision making

• Conflict resolution

• Effective communication

• Social and emotional competency


The program is taught in 10 sessions and offered to grades kindergarten-5 and high school and was developed by the Mendez Foundation. Visit their website to learn more.



Project ALERT


Through a series of 11 comprehensive lessons, Project ALERT motivates students against drug use, cultivates new non-use attitudes and beliefs, and equips teens with the skills and strategies they will use to resist drugs.


The course is offered to grades 6-8 and was developed by the RAND Corporation. Visit their website to learn more.


Schools or community organizations interested in scheduling a class, contact the Prevention Department of Townhall II at 330.678.3006.


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