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Drug Prevention Poster Winner

Kamryn Butler, student of Field Middle School, won 1st place in the Project Alert drug prevention poster contest this past spring. Project Alerts is a program designated to motivate pre-adolescents against drug use, teach pre-adolescents the skills and strategies needed to resist pro-drug pressures, and establish nondrug-using norms. The 11-session program offered to Portage County schools is taught by prevention specialists from Townhall II and funded by the Mental Health & Recovery Board of Portage County.

The contest was sponsored by Susan White, Randolph Township Trustee. Kamryn received a $50 gift card to WalMart. The runner up winners Waterloo students Saleen Petit and Greer Garwick; Stanton (Kent) Middle School students Justin Dunfee and Logan Nickerson; and James A. Garfield students Ella Brann and Emma Lunardi each received a $25 gift card for WalMart.

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