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Friend of Public Health Award

The Mental Health & Recovery Board's Director of Community Relations, Karyn Hall, was recognized as the 2018 Friend of Public Health Award from the Portage County Health District. (Pictured with Joseph Diorio, Portage County Health Commissioner)

Hall was recognized at the annual Combined General Health District Advisory Council Meeting, held March 21 at the Ravenna Elks Lodge. She was chosen “due to her tireless demonstration of leadership and advocacy to the health of Portage County residents,” according to the health district.

The award is given to individuals who demonstrate commitment to the health of Portage County residents through actions that prove leadership or advocacy regarding issues that impact the health and safety of Portage County residents.

Hall is the director of community relations for the Mental Health & Recovery Board of Portage County. In this role, she devises public relations campaigns, performs community outreach and education and works to connect people to needed resources. Karyn has more than 15 years experience in marketing, communication and event management in non-profit, university and corporate settings.

Hall “tirelessly leads and participates on many coalitions and committees that serve the residents of Portage County,” according to the health district. She was instrumental in the development of the partnership between Portage County Health District and the Mental Health and Recovery Board for the Project DAWN, or Deaths Avoided with Naloxone, program.

In 2016, the Health District and Mental Health & Recovery Board won the Portage County Public Health & Safety Initiative award from Celebrate Portage for their partnership in the community-based Project DAWN program.

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