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More drug-deactivation pouches for Portage

Portage County will be receiving more drug-deactivation pouches for residents to use to safely dispose of unused medications. The Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative, an organization working to address the nation's opioid crisis, donated 14,000 drug-disposal pouches to the Northeast Ohio-based SafeRx Regional Collaborative, that distributes drug-deactivation pouches in communities in seven counties.

The SafeRx Regional Collaborative is based out of the Summit County Community Partnership. The Portage Substance Abuse Community Coalition is a partner in the SafeRx Regional Collaborative.

In Portage County, the drug deactivation pouches have been distributed at senior citizen centers and at community events.

“It is not recommended to flush unwanted medicine down the toilet or thrown in the trash,” explained John Garrity, PhD, executive director of the Mental Health & Recovery Board of Portage County.

There are drug drop off boxes located at police stations throughout the county where residents may discard medicine at any time. “However, it is not always convenient for folks to get to the boxes. The pouches offer an easy way to safely dispose of pills, liquids, or patches,” said Garrity.

"We are pleased to be able to provide this tool to the SafeRx Regional Collaborative," said Jenny Camper, representative for Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative Ohio in a news release. "Working collaboratively with partners throughout Ohio will help our communities in their efforts to address addiction and opioid abuse.

Encouraging citizens to clean out their medicine cabinet is a good way everyone can hel

p to make a difference and we are happy to provide the resources for this effort."

For information on where to receive a pouch, contact the Mental Health & Recovery Board at 330.673.1756.

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