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CIT Class Graduates Spring 2023

Officers, dispatchers, and community partners were among the Portage County Spring 2023 Crisis Intervention Team training class. The 40-hour class teaches participants how to effectively communicate with a person in crisis and how to navigate the local resources applicable to the criminal justice and mental health systems.

Speakers from local agencies shared knowledge covering mental health and substance use disorder topics. Portage County Judges and court officials spoke to the class about the criminal justice system and the specialty dockets. People with lived experience share stories with the class about their encounters with law enforcement.

The class also toured several of the mental health and addiction residential treatment facilities as well as the new homeless shelter in Portage County.

On the final day of class, they practice the de-escalation skills that they have learned during the week through evaluated scenarios before graduation.

Congratulations to the Spring 2023 Class!

Top (left to right): Dep. Angel Zeigler Portage County Sheriff's Office, Dep. Joshua Mangus Portage County Sheriff's Office, Dep. Kristopher Stockley Portage County Sheriff's Office, Of. Zachary Domka Kent State Police, Of. Jeff Wisniewski Ravenna Police, Of. Ian Watson NEOMED Police, Of. Garrett Fleming Brimfield, Of. Paul Maroni University Hospitals Police, Of. Matthew Martinez Streetsboro Police, Dep. Katelyn Lybarger Portage County Sheriff's Office, Sgt. Derrick Cook University Hospitals Police.

Bottom: Sophia Buckson-Murphy Coleman, Disp. Angela Hager Ravenna Police, Disp. Cathy Feigert Ravenna Police, Disp. Hollie Moore Ravenna Police, Disp. Kaitlin Laskey Aurora Police, Alexandria Libertucci Aurora Police, Larry Richard Prosecutor's Office.


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