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May 2022 CIT Training Class Graduates

Police officers, first responders, and victims’ advocates recently completed the crisis intervention team (CIT) training coordinated by the Mental Health & Recovery Board of Portage County.

The CIT program trains officers and others to handle incidents involving people who have a mental illness, to manage crisis situations for the safety of everyone involved, and to learn about mental illness and substance use disorders. Communication and de-escalation techniques, serious emotional problems in children, mental illness and alcohol and drug addiction, and information about local service providers, are all part of the 40-hour classroom and hands-on CIT training.

The program is sponsored nationally by the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Learn more.

Back Row: Left to Right

Officer Matthew Colvin, Streetsboro Police; Officer Leonard Kunka, Kent City Police, Officer Brandon Bridgewater, Aurora Police; Deputies Joshua Brown and Donald Cutting, Portage County Sheriff’s Office; Officer Alex Dehoff, Ravenna Police, Ravenna Firefighter/Paramedic Matthew Bowery; Detective Dustin Svab, Ravenna City.

Front Row: Left to Right

Officer Ryan Miller, Streetsboro Police; Victim Advocate Jackie McCauley, Prosecutor's Office; Dispatchers Valerie Burke and Erin Smith, Ravenna Police; Victim Advocate Jennifer Stasko, Prosecutor's Office; Detective Kevin Nicolini, Ravenna Police.


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