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Moderate Drinking Tips for Adults over the Holiday Season

Office parties, family gatherings, and other holiday festivities are just around the corner. Alcohol is often a staple at these events. While it is okay for most adults to enjoy an occasional drink, it is important to make sure you are not drinking too much or using it as a coping mechanism. Drinking can be a real hinderance to your health and wellness and there are several ways to keep this in check over the holiday season.

If you are consuming alcohol this holiday season, be mindful of your consumption. Practicing moderation by having no more than 1 or 2 drinks. Another way to be mindful is to plan ahead. Are you only going to have one drink? Not drink at all? Planning ahead can make you more aware and you may even find yourself drinking more slowly. You may discover that you savor your drinks more this way as well.

As a host, there are several ways to ensure moderate drinking over this holiday season. These include things such as making sure there are alternative, non-alcoholic beverages available, keeping guests busy with entertainment, and choosing a venue and event name that does not center alcohol. You may even institute a policy against excessive drinking. Clarify the expectation that attendees who drink excessively may be cut off or asked to leave. As a host, the decision to serve alcohol also comes with the responsibility of making sure guests do not leave the party so impaired they cannot drive safely. Several ways to ensure this include serving a variety of food and non-alcoholic beverages, taking keys away if someone is showing signs of intoxication and plans to drive themselves home, and providing a list of phone numbers of local cab companies or other transportation guests can utilize for a safe, sober ride home.

One important thing to note is that alcohol should not be used to handle stress. Alcohol is an unhealthy coping mechanism that is known to increase symptoms of panic and anxiety disorders, depression and other mental disorders, and the risk of family and domestic violence. Excessive drinking can also cause significant health problems including a weakened immune system. Binge drinking and heavy alcohol use are problematic. If you find yourself or a loved one drinking this much, seek help. Contact the Portage Addiction Helpline for local resources at 330-678-3006.

Don’t let alcohol hinder the potential to have a fun, safe holiday. Brighten the holidays by making health and safety a priority for you and your loved ones. Spending time with family and friends is what is important. Be present and enjoy yourself!


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