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Ofc Bartholomew CIT Coordinator of the Year for State of Ohio

Officer Josh Bartholomew of the Streetsboro Police Department was named the Michael S. Woody CIT Coordinator of the Year for the State of Ohio.

Ofc Bartholomew received this award for the significant impact he has made in Portage County and his strong commitment to enriching our CIT program.

“Ofc Bartholomew is well deserving of this state-wide award,” said John Garrity, PhD, executive director of the Mental Health & Recovery Board of Portage County. “He is committed to improving outcomes for people in crisis and values collaboration and community.

Ofc Bartholomew became the CIT Coordinator for Portage County in 2020. In this role, he helps to develop and enrich the CIT programs in each of our county’s twelve police departments. He leads the CIT training classes for officers and first responders on de-escalation.

As the Portage County CIT Coordinator, he collaborates directly with law enforcement, mental health, and advocacy partners. He has strengthened partner relationships in Portage County and brought together a variety of community partners and leadership to collaborate and find solutions to challenging issues about how their criminal justice and mental health systems can work together.

Congratulations Ofc Bartholomew!


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