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Pizza Shops Promoting Help in Crisis

Local pizza shops in Portage County are helping to spread the message of help that is available for people who are experiencing mental distress. As residents cope with the stresses of the pandemic on top of their daily life stressors, it's important for people to know where they can turn to if they are in need of some help.

The restaurants are attaching flyers with mental health helpline numbers to their pizza boxes for delivery. Participating pizza shops are Bob's Pizza in Atwater, Cal's Pizza Express in Garrettsville, Guido's in Kent, Teresa's Pizza in Mantua, Guido's and Sicilliano's in Ravenna, Caporaletti's Pizzeria in Rootstown, Blasiole's in Streetsboro, and Stoney's Pizza in Windham.

330-678-HELP is the number for Portage County's 24/7 helpline. It is operated by Townhall II, a non-profit organization in Kent, and is funded by the Mental Health & Recovery Board of Portage County. For people who would rather text than call someone, the Crisis Text line is available. To reach a crisis counselor for mental health support, text 4hope to 741741.

The helpline and crisis text line are available for free for anyone who is struggling or is concerned for a loved one. These lines aren't only for people who are suicidal. Help is available for anyone who needs to talk about any emotional distress such as relationships, financial stress, depression, anxiety, self-harm, school problems, and bullying.


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