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Support Those in Recovery

Oftentimes, individuals who experience a mental illness or substance use disorder feel isolated and alone. Yet, every year, millions of Americans experience these conditions. Families and communities can make a difference by creating environments and relationships that promote acceptance.

With commitment and support, people with these disorders can achieve healthy lifestyles and lead rewarding lives in recovery. By seeking help, people who experience mental health and substance use disorders can embark on a new path toward improved health and overall wellness.

Support from families is essential to recovery, so it’s important that family members have the tools to start conversations about prevention, treatment, and recovery. Too many people are still unaware that prevention and treatment works, and that mental illness and substance use disorders can be treated, just like other health problems.

“Mental illness and substance use disorders affect people of all ethnicities, ages, genders, geographic regions, and socioeconomic levels,” stated John Garrity, PhD, executive director of the Mental Health & Recovery Board of Portage County. “We want people to know that help is available. These individuals can get better, both physically and emotionally, with the support of a welcoming community.”

Free and confidential help is available 24 hours a day through the Townhall II Helpline at 330-678-HELP (4357) and the Crisis Text Line at 741741.

September is National Recovery Month – let’s join together to share a message of hope and to celebrate and support those in recovery!


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