Project DAWN

What is Project DAWN?

Portage County Health District, Mental Health Recovery Board
of Portage County, and Townhall II have joined together to bring the Project DAWN program to Portage County residents. Project DAWN (Deaths Avoided with Naloxone) is a community-based drug overdose prevention and education program. It provides Naloxone kits to friends, family, and community members who are in a position to help someone nearing an overdose and preventing a death.

Participants of the program will attend a 30 minute class to learn to:

  • perform rescue breathing

  • call emergency medical services

  • administer intranasal Naloxone

  • identify treatment providers and services within Portage County

At the completion of the class, participants will receive a Project DAWN kit. The kit contains 2 doses of nasal Naloxone, 1 face mask for CPR, an instructional DVD, and referral information. The kits and education are FREE to Portage County residents.Naloxone, also known as Narcan, is a safe, non-habit forming drug that is used to reverse an overdose from an opioid drug (heroin or prescription pain medications). It has one function, to reverse the effects of opioids on the brain and respiratory system in order to prevent death.The Project DAWN is being made available through the partnership of the Portage County Health Department and Mental Health & Recovery Board of Portage County.


Where are the Project Dawn classes?


The 30-minute classes are held In Kent and Ravenna .Appointments are necessary


 Townhall II 
155 N Water Street in Kent

Call 330-678-3006

Portage County Health District
705 Oakwood
Call 330-296-9919



Residential Treatment Facilities


Horizon House is a residential facility in Ravenna caring for women who are in recovery from addictions. Operated by Townhall II, an agency funded by the Mental Health & Recovery Board.
Contact Townhall II 330.678.3006

Root House is a residential facility in Ravenna caring for men who are in recovery from addictions. Operated by Family and Community Serivices an agency receiving funds from the Mental Health & Recovery Board.
Contact Family & Community Services at 330.677.4124

Recovery Housing

Portage Area Recovery Center (PARC) and On Track to Recovery houses are located in Kent and operated by Family & Community Services. Contact them at 330.677.4124.


The Mental Health & Recovery Board of Portage County funds services for Portage County residents through its network of agencies. Services help families, adults, teens and children with mental illness, depression, addictions, in crisis and at risk for suicide.


You can contact us via our contact form or follow us on social networks.

155 East Main St.
Kent OHIO 44240

P: 330-673-1756
F: 330-673-1330


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For 24 HR help in a crisis call:

Addiction: 330-678-3006

Mental Health: 330-296-3555

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