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Issue 30 – Nov 7, 2023

Mental Health & Recovery Board Replacement Levy

1 mill, 10 year replacement levy on the November 7, 2023  ballot in Portage County. The levy would cost the owner of a $100,000 property $35.00/year, less than $3/month.


How do individuals, families, and communities benefit from services funded by the levy?   

Levy funds programs that give our younger generations the best start in life with suicide and substance abuse prevention programing and support for children and families. Levy funds allowed for more than 500 individual mental health screenings of at-risk students enrolled in Portage County schools, with 43% of those students continuing in behavioral health treatment.

The levy funds programs aimed to keep our community safer by treating drug and alcohol issues, preventing suicide, and providing specialized training and consultation for police on how to work with people in crisis. 


Services help workers & businesses by helping unemployed people with mental illness find and keep employment. Employees and families benefit, businesses maintain a productive workforce, and communities prosper.

​Services for Portage County Residents provided by levy funds include:

  • Treatment for children, families, and individuals with mental health issues, particularly with trauma, and residential treatment for children.

  • 24 hour crisis helplines, walk-in crisis services, and a crisis stabilization unit. There were more than 32,000 contacts last year.

  • Support to Portage County school districts to provide direct services to children.

  • Alcohol and drug prevention such as the “Too Good for Drugs” program taught in the Portage County schools. 

  • Suicide Prevention Programming and support for families suffering loss. 

  • Treatment for persons with opioid and other addictions including residential treatment & recovery housing.

  • Crisis Intervention Team training for Portage County police departments.

Levies provide critical funding that increases access to treatment services beyond limited state and federal funding. 69% of the Board’s funding for critical services is generated through our local property tax levies. Local levies also fund important services that the state and federal government do not fund, such as prevention and education.

With many families experiencing mental health and/or substance abuse problems in today’s world, it’s good to know that Portage County has quality, affordable services.

Good Investment!

For every dollar spent

on substance abuse treatment, there is an economic return of

$4.00 to $7.00;

for mental health treatment, the economic return is $5.00 per person.

Drug treatment costs approximately $20,000 less than incarceration

per person per year for a

drug-related crime.

Services provided by:



Children's Advantage

 Coleman Health Services

 Family & Community Services

 Hope Town

Townhall II

Endorsed by:

Mental Health & Recovery Board 
Portage County Township Association
NAACP of Portage County
League of Women Voters of Kent
League of Women Voters of Northern Portage County
Portage County Democrats

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