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Video "Fighting the Stigma"

David Stump a talented local musician who lives with schizophrenia, worked with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Portage County to write the song “Fighting the Stigma” for the Out of the Shadows statewide campaign sponsored by NAMI Ohio. A video featuring the musicians and messages about mental illness was produced with assistance from the Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation, the Mental Health & Recovery Board of Portage County, and Coleman Professional Services.

David participates in Coleman’s Options program in Ravenna. He was “volunteered” by his fellow group members to compose a song about the struggles they face and their desire to be part of society.

“Although my mental illness is a problem, it is also a gift, for I use it as a creative tool,” responded David when asked about his high level of musical and computer skills. “Schizophrenia means “split mind,” David said, “and because of my condition I am often very inspired and imaginative.” Schizophrenia is a neurological brain disorder associated with auditory and visual hallucinations, delusions, and feelings of grandeur.

After writing the words and chorus for his part as acoustic guitarist, David needed other musicians to complete the production. Through the internet, David found a drummer in Moscow to add the percussion, a bass guitarist in the United Kingdom to record that instrument’s part, and a lead guitarist in Argentina. Each recorded their segments of David’s new song sending the individual finished works to David who mixed them together on his computer creating a demo. David then sent his demo to Omni Sound Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, who professionally combined all of the individual performances into a master.

David’s song helped Portage County’s NAMI to win a $3,000 grant to use in their fight to reduce the stigma of mental illness.

“Fighting the Stigma” video can be found out YouTube and the song is available on iTunes and Google Play. The video was made by Dan Demyan and David Sullivan at Prism Video.

NAMI Portage County is a chapter of a national organization dedicated to the eradication of mental illnesses and to the improvement of the quality of life for those whose lives are affected by these diseases and for their family members. For more information on Portage County’s NAMI chapter, visit,

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