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Women's Residential Treatment House Expands

More women will be able to receive addiction treatment in Portage County as Horizon House added space for two more people. Renovations were recently completed on this 90-day residential treatment facility to increase the number of people who can stay from 12 people to 14 along with an update of the kitchen and an additional office space for staff.

Townhall II operates Horizon House which provides specialized treatment for adult women who are struggling with effectively managing their substance use disorder and who need a more structured treatment. Horizon House has a safe and nurturing home-like environment where women can learn long-term recovery skills.

“The goal of our residential program is to equip the women with the skills, strategies, and resources they need to effectively manage the disease of addiction and to maintain healthy and functional relationships with their family, workplace, and community,” said Rob Young, Director of Clinical Services.

Participants of the program receive individual and group counseling, case management, life-skill education, involvement in recovery groups such as AA and/NA, and transportation assistance.

“We also offer specialized counseling for residents with a history of abuse or trauma,” said Young.

Horizon House opened in 1990. More than 950 women have graduated from the program. The renovations were funded by the Mental Health & Recovery Board of Portage County. “The Board also provided funding for additional staff,” said Executive Director of the Mental Health & Recovery Board Joel Mowrey, PhD.

A residential treatment facility for men, Root House, is also available for residents of Portage County. It is operated by Family & Community Services along with recovery housing – the On Track to Recovery House for men and the Portage Area Recovery Center for women.

Townhall II is located at 155 N. Water Street in Kent and provides counseling services for youth and adults with substance use disorders, gambling addiction, and adults who have been victims of a crime. They also have a 24-hour Helpline and provide alcohol and drug prevention programs, child abuse prevention, and victim outreach and advocacy. For more information call 330-678-3006.

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