Recovery Outreach In Portage County

photo credit: Record Courier, February 2019

Peer recovery supporters are partnering with Portage County first responders to offer help to people who are struggling with addiction.

The Mental Health & Recovery Board of Portage County hosted an event for the city, village, and township leaders to learn more about the Recovery Outreach program.

Dan Meloy, founder of QRT National, shares his experience engaging communities in saving lives after overdoses. Recovery Outreach provides first responders the "opportunity to give families something called hope," he stated.

Pictured: Dan Meloy, QRT National; Bridget Stuntz, Townhall II, Jim Bucks, Streetsboro Fire Department, and John Garrity, Mental Health & Recovery Board.

Community referrals can be made by contacting 330.678.3006. Any questions about resources, treatment, and services available can be asked through our Addiction Helpline 330.678.3006. Click here for more information about the program.

Read the feature story on our Recovery Outreach teams in the Record Courier

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The Mental Health & Recovery Board of Portage County funds services for Portage County residents through its network of agencies. Services help families, adults, teens and children with mental illness, depression, addictions, in crisis and at risk for suicide.


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For 24 HR help in a crisis call:

Addiction: 330-678-3006

Mental Health: 330-296-3555

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